Termites in da House: What Are Your Options for Selling a Termite-Damaged Home?

Selling a Termite-Damaged Home

Finding out that you need to move and that you have termite damage together is not an ideal situation. Selling a termite-damaged home can be difficult, but not impossible. Many people don’t even know termites are in their homes until the inspection. There are over 2,000 termites in the US, and they live in every state but Alaska. That means they could be hiding in your home causing thousands of dollars of damage.

Common Signs of Termite Damage

Are you concerned about selling a termite-damaged home? Unsure whether or not termites are actually present in your home? There are a few common signs that you can look for on your own before calling an exterminator. During the spring months, you can often find bodies or wings close to exit points of your home like doors or windows. Mud tubes outside of your foundation are another indication.

If you have noticed bubbling paint or wallpaper, this can be a sign of moisture building up behind the wall. Usually, this indicates water damage or termites. Both need to be addressed so don’t ignore this. Finally, you may see wood-colored brown droppings which are an indication that termites are busy eating in your home. Termites cause over $5 billion in damage every year, and your home could be next.

Legal Obligations to Disclose Termite Damage

By law, you have to disclose the presence of termites if you are selling a termite-damaged home. Therefore, if an exterminator or home inspector has noted their presence there is no way to deny their presence. If you believe there are termites and don’t act, a buyer can take legal action against you.

Should You Fix Termite Issues or Sell As-Is?

Once you disclose you are selling a termite-damaged home then you cannot sell it without providing the buyer with a form that certifies the problem is fixed. Termite damage is not limited to just extermination. Outside of hiring someone to exterminate them, you need to actually repair the damage. This can make it difficult and costly to sell your home.

If you need to sell your home, it may be better to sell with a cash buyer. A cash buyer will take your home as-is and save you the hassle of dealing with termites. Contact Need To Sell My House today to find out how much you can get for your home on the spot.

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