Need to Sell your House Fast? Here’s How It Works

You’ve come to the point where you can no longer afford your home. For some the mortgage payments are too high; for others, the loss of a job or a single family income have finally taken its toll. Regardless of the reason you have to sell your home, when you need quick cash we are the company to turn to, as we buy any house. But, if you want to know how it works, how you can sell your property fast , and how you will get paid. Here are a few of the basics.

1. We’ll Meet You

The initial consultation is where we get to know you, your home, and assess the home. We’ll sit down with you, listen to the reasons you need to sell, how much money you need to move on, and other factors which led to the decision to sell. From there we will discuss your options, learn your needs, how quickly you need this to occur, and determine how much we can offer. Our real estate agents will give you some insight as to how much we can pay, and here you can ask all the questions you need answered as well.  We’ll gather all the required information directly from you the home owner, in order to properly assist you in solving your real estate problems.

2. We’ll Assess your Home

We will now look at your home. We will learn if there are any encumbrances, if there are legal liens, if there is damage to the home, and so forth. Remember, we buy homes in all conditions, so you don’t have to worry that we won’t buy simply because there is damage or other issues. During this process we will not only determine how quickly the sales process can go through, but we will also determine how much we can offer to you. We want this sale to be a win-win for both parties, during this phase we will find a way to make it so.

3. Offer & Acceptance (or rejection)

Once we’ve assessed comparable homes, determined costs of repair, and other issues, we will make a bona fide offer, would be a legitimate solution to selling your home. This will not only be based on the home’s condition, but its location, the fair market value, and other factors as well. We might even suggest some financing options to certain owners. Remember, there is no obligation to accept, its just an offer.

You will then determine whether or not the offer is something which you feel is fair, or you can come back to us, and see if we are open to negotiating on the offer terms with you. Remember, ever situation is a different one. For one owner, you might need to leave within one week, others might want us to pay $10 K more. There is no harm in asking us to negotiate, and we are willing to listen to your arguments if you feel the offer we have made is not sufficient on the home you would like us to buy from you. We encourage owners to take there time and look at all relevant factors prior to accepting or declining our offer.

4. Close on the Offer

If at this point you have agreed to our offer, or if we have renegotiated and have come to an agreement, it is simply time to sit down and close on the home’s sale. We don’t have hidden fees, no financing is involved, so we will simply arrange to have the cash payment made to you. During closing, we will pay you the cash value which is agreed upon, and we will take over ownership of the home you have decided to sell to us. No hidden fees or hidden paperwork we didn’t inform you about early on in the process.

We know every situation is a different one; so, when you have come to the determination that you have to sell your home, why not reach out to us, rather than go to a real estate agent? Not only is this process simple and quick, but we are open, up front, and honest from the first time we meet with you. For those who would like to know how things work, this is how it works, and the entire process is truly this simple. No questions asked, and no hidden agenda on our behalf. Give us a call or fill out this form if you are ready to get started with this process, and get your home sold.

Sell Your House Fast

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