Stop Foreclosure

If you have the cloud of foreclosure looming over your head, what is the best way to stop it? If you try to negotiate with the lender on your own, more often than not they won’t listen. If you hire an attorney, it will end up costing more than you can afford, and the results might not be exactly what you were hoping for. So, what other options do you have and how should you approach the situation. These are a few of the ways how we can help you stop foreclosure, keep your home, and avoid the stigma from following you into the future as a home owner.

1. We know every stage of the process

It is never too late; even if it is in the last stage of the foreclosure process, we are here to help. We understand how foreclosure sales work. We understand how lenders and banks work. We know what to do, who to talk to, and we have a team of highly trained and licensed pros, who will be working on your side through the entire side. Of course the longer you wait, the less money you will be able to keep; so, if you would like more money in the process, call us as soon as the foreclosure process gets underway. Let us deal with the headaches, and figure out what route to take in order to stop the foreclosure proceeding which is looming in front of you.

2. The right proffessionals

We have a team of real estate agents who understand foreclosure. We also employ the best real estate attorneys on board, so we know what to do when there is a foreclosure of the potential for foreclosure against you and your home. By choosing to work with us, you receive the knowledge and experience our team of professionals have to offer as well. So, rather than stress out about how you are going to catch up on payments, or deal with the lender, let us take these issues off your hands. Not only do we have the team to help you through the entire process, we have years of experience in dealing with similar cases, so we know how to proceed once you have received the foreclosure notice, and do not know which way to turn in order to get things back on track.

Let’s Get Started On Your Cash Offer

3. Don’t call banks yourself

If you have ever tried to negotiate with the bank or lender on your own, you are doing yourself a disservice. We know that they are the ones with everything to lose. In a foreclosure situation, they are going to lose thousands of dollars if they get their way and sell your home out from under you.  We understand this, even if you don’t. So, where they would otherwise take advantage and possibly lie to you, when dealing with us, and our negotiating experts, they are likely to be more reasonable and are more willing to work with you, if you decide to let us do the talking for you.

From forbearance, to modifying your loan terms, we will do the talking, and we will get them to come to some form of agreement with you. Not only will you be able to stay in your home, we will make it so you are not overpaying, or potentially putting yourself in a difficult situation, in order to remain in the home.

4. Negative or no Equity, it doesn’t matter

Even if you have no equity, if your home is worth less than you paid for, we know what to do in order to avoid the foreclosure process. We can help you sell the house in no time; we know what to do, how to list it, and we will even buy the home from you, if there aren’t viable buyers out there.

Most people will stress at the first notice of foreclosure or the potential of a foreclosure. But, when you have the right people working with you and by your side, you do not have to stress out, or worry about losing your home in these sales. If you need help, if you have received a notice, or if you are falling behind on payments, give us a call so we can discuss the options available to you.

Foreclosure Reports in U.S. Markets

We’ve done extensive research on foreclosure data for each of the largest metropolitan single-family housing markets throughout the U.S.  You’ll find a foreclosure report with a recent (2015) update on the current conditions in each city below: