Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common questions, and answers, our customers have

  1. Does your company purchase all home types?
  2. Do you charge fees or commissions for your services?
  3. What commission fees do you earn?
  4. Will you buy my home that is in foreclosure?
  5. How long will the process take?
  6. Do I have to accept your offer?
  7. Can I sell if there are people living in the home?
  8. What should I do if I’m feeling lost and overwhelmed?

Q: Does your company purchase all home types?

A: The answer is yes, purchases all home types. For the homeowner dealing with a distressed property, and needing to sell their home quickly, we are more than willing to work with you. We know REALTORS and other investors try to take advantage of you and your situation, this is not our goal. Rather, we want to work with you, so as to produce a situation which is mutually beneficial to you as well as to us. It does not matter what the reason is why you need to or want to sell your home. Know you are not the first person to be in such a situation. In fact, we have helped many home owners in your situation, and many with other troubles of their own in the past as well.

Q: Do you charge fees for your services?

A: No, when you choose to sell to us there are absolutely no fees to use our services. This is the reason we pay you cash for your home, not the other way around. There is no small print line which has hidden fees or costs you will incur at a later date. We are honest, straightforward, and tell you everything which will take place during the process. Once you agree to an offer, this is what you will receive; it won’t be an amount greater or lesser than this.

Q: What commission fees do you earn?

A: We are not real estate agents looking to represent you, so there is no commission which we are going to collect if you choose to sell us your home. In the world of real estate investors, we do not collect any type of commission on the property; we pay you for the property which you wish to sell to us, there are no hidden commissions or agendas.

Q: Will you buy my home that is in foreclosure?

A: We will make an offer, but we will do much better, by helping you stay in the home if you so desire. We have real estate experts who know exactly what goes into this process and understands how to deal with these scenarios. In turn, we have long standing relationships with some of the biggest local lending institutions, who are willing to work with us in these situations. This puts us in a better situation to help you avoid the foreclosure issue.

Q: How long will the process take?

A: We are quick and our goal is to offer you the highest value, and close on the sale in the shortest period of time. We know some owners are selling to avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure proceedings, so we understand the urgency. We won’t compromise timelines for selfish motives as some home owners find out when trying to sell their house using a real estate agent. The time period in which the sale is going to close, typically depends on you as the seller, as we are always ready to make an offer on any property.

Q: Do I have to accept your offer?

A: No, you retain complete control at all times. We want this transaction to be mutually beneficial to both sides; if you feel it isn’t, you are more than able to walk away from the table, and try to sell your home through other means.

Q: Can I sell if there are people living in the home?

A: Yes, if the home is rented and occupied, we will purchase it; in fact, in many cases after purchasing, we will allow the tenants to stay in the home. If this is the case however, inform us so that we do not scare the occupants in the home. Many tenants will be surprised to see inspectors outside the home if they are living there.

Q: What should I do if I’m feeling lost and overwhelmed?

  • A: Things will get better, you have to realize this is just one tough patch in your life. Tens of thousands of owners have gone through the same, and gotten through it, so you will too. Don’t try to get rid of this problem on your own, a distressed property professional, such as our team, should be with you by your side. Lastly, if there is legal terminology you don’t understand, try to have a legal dictionary by your side, to get you through the paperwork during the process.