Looking for Truly Motivated Real Estate Leads with Equity?

We’ve spent countless hours developing a site that meets the needs of the most motivated home owners across the U.S…so that you don’t have to. Back in 2014, we saw a need in the wholesale/real estate investor/realtor niche that we thought we could provide a solution to. What was the need? Investors around the country were searching for real estate leads that had the potential to turn into profitable deals, yet they didn’t have the knowledge, marketing experience, or a large enough budget to locate them.

Simultaneously, we realized that there were thousands of home owners all over the U.S. that were seeking out investors that have cash to close deals quickly and that are willing to buy their house “as-is”.

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Our leads are perfect for real estate investors and wholesalers looking to increase their business!

We Have Leads That Are Ready, Willing, And Able To Sell

Fellow investors, we have hundreds of leads that motivated homeowners send to us throughout the month, every month. Although we don’t get leads in every area of the country, there’s a very good chance that have leads in your area, because our site ranks high in google for main keywords nationwide.

The BiggerPockets.com Response Has Been Great

Within just days of posting an ad in the BiggerPockets.com Marketplace where we mentioned that we have “exclusive” motivated seller leads for investors, we’ve already begun selling out several cities across the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered:

What Is The Return On Investment When Buying Real Estate Leads?