8 Reputable Websites That Will Help You Sell Your House Online

It is always a challenge to sell property. It can take months, sometimes years to be able to sell a house. Fortunately, things are much easier today than they used to be a few decades ago thanks to property websites. These websites allow you to list your home online to make it possible for millions of people to see it.

However, not all websites that you will find can be trusted. Not all of them can provide you with quality services when attempting to sell your house. Here are 8 reputable websites that can help you sell any property online;

Zillow Logo


Zillow (http://www.zillow.com)

This company was launched in 2006. It’s headquartered in Seattle. This is the leading real estate marketplace. At Zillow, you will find a lot of information that will help you when you want to sell your property. You will be able to able to get knowledge about your area that will help to make it easier for you to sell your home. Zillow database has more than 10 million homes located in the US.  Most homeowners that we’ve spoken to, say that one of the sites that they use trust most when estimating their home’s worth is Zillow.

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Trulia (http://www.trulia.com)

Trulia gives property sellers the information and tools they need to be able to sell their homes. This website provides insights about different neighborhoods to equip homeowners with the knowledge they need to get the most when selling their homes. This website can also connect you to agents who will help you sell your property. Trulia is owned by The Zillow Group. You can use Trulia Android or iPhone app to use Trulia services.

Redfin (http://redfin.com)

Redfin links people who want to sell their properties to experienced agents. The agents help to ensure that the people who contact them are able to sell their properties within the shortest time possible. The company promises to provide the best help to the users. It promises to help you have a fast, worry free process. The company has so far helped people sell homes worth over $20Billion.

Homes.com Logo

Homes (http://www.homes.com)

Homes.com aims to make it easy for people searching for homes to find what they are looking for. In the process, it makes it easy for home seller to find buyers. Over 3 million homes have been listed on the site. This website will connect you real estate agents that you can rely on. With so many people visiting the website every day, you can be sure that many potential buyers are going to see your home when it’s listed.

Curbed (http://curbednetwork.com)

Curbed is provides useful real estate news and information to help people who want to buy and sell pieces of property. This company focuses on helping people in the major urban centers. Curbed has city sites meant to provide better help to people who want to sell houses in different cities. The site relentlessly reports rental prices and sales, neighborhood trends and other information that is useful to people who want to buy or sell homes. The cities covered by Curbed include Boston, Cape Cod, Philadelphia, The Hamptons, Detroit, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and Atlanta.

Hotpads (https://hotpads.com)

Hotpads.com Screenshot

Hotepads was started in 2005 by three college friends. Since then, it has grown to be one of the leading property websites. It started in Washington DC but it moved to San Francisco in the year 2011. In 2012, Hotpasd was acquired by Zillow group. This website will help your sell your home. When your house is listed on Hotpad, you can be sure that thousands of people visiting the website will be able to see it. It won’t take long before you receive an offer.

ZipRealty (http://www.ziprealty.com)

ZipRealty was founded in August 1999. ZipRealty provides both sellers and buyers an innovative solution. Since it was launched, it has constantly been expanding and it has helped many people to sell houses. This website will connect you to experienced agents who will help you find someone to buy your house within a short time. The website provides step by step instruction that will teach you how to use the website the right way.

Auction (http://www.auction.com)

This company was founded in the year 2007. Today, it is one of the leading property marketplaces. More than $30 billion worth of property have been sold with the help of Auction.com. This website attracts buyers from all over the world. Therefore, if you decide to use it when you are selling your home, you should expect to find a buyer form anywhere in the world. Auction is headquartered in Silicon Valley and Irvine, California. It has more than 900 employees.

Posting a Listing on Auction.com

These are the top websites that you can use when you want to sell your property online versus the going the traditional route. There are many other websites that can help you sell a house that aren’t listed here. Before using any website that is not on this list, there are several things that you should consider. You should check how many people visit the website that you are planning to use every month. The higher the traffic that a given website receives, the higher and the likelihood that you will be able to sell a home within a short time.

When we buy houses on our website, we find that we are interested in perusing only a certain percentage of homes that owners are trying to sell us.  Then out of that small percentage of sellers that we pursue, we only make offers on an even smaller percentage of the properties left over.  Why?  Simply put, what we find is that, most homeowners want “far-above” market value for their home.

You should also check the reputation of the website that you intend to use. A reputable website has obviously been providing quality services to the people using it. If others who used a given website before had a wonderful experience, it is highly likely that you too will have a good experience. In addition, you should check the number of properties listed on a given site. If there are many properties listed, that is a sign that there are many people who trust the site. You should raise a red flag when a given website has very few listings. If many people trust a given website, it is definitely because it has helped so many people before sell their homes. When dealing with such a website, there is a high chance that you too will be able to sell within a sort time.

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  1. Excellent post! I was happy to find a few websites on the list I hadn’t seen before. Thank you for taking the time to write this. Another website I love to use is revinre.com. Although they are only in Arizona at the moment they are great if you are looking to get your home submitted to the MLS for free.

  2. Zillow is not accurate in estimating the market value of a home. Zillow uses the property appraiser’s website which is most often lower than the actual market value. The property appraiser’s office provides an estimated value on a home for the purposes of calculating taxes,, not market value. The property appraiser’s website it is not supposed to be used as a tool for market value; yet, Zillow uses this a source for estimating the market value of a home.

      1. I just came across this page today. I am also wondering how we proceed. My property consists of a little over 20 acres. I have lived here over 20 areas & would like to sell, but do not want to pay some realtor mega thousands of dollars to sell it. I would love to find a reputable site/place where I could get information on who/where to contact?

  3. Hi, I have a mobile home for sale and I would like to advertise on the sites that you listed. Please contact me by email or by phone. My phone number is 970-556-2957. Thank You, Marilyn

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