Do You Need to Sell Your Home Fast in Pittsburgh?

Selling a home is one of the biggest decisions that anyone will make in their lifetime. There are times in life when it makes sense to sell a home as quickly as possible. Whenever there is an unexpected death, divorce, or an inheritance many people would rather sell a home than attempt to hang on to it. Selling a home in the Pittsburgh area is generally going to cost six to ten percent of the purchase price between fees and repair costs. In addition, there is a huge time investment where people have to make sure that the home is ready to be sold. Our company specializes in getting homes sold in the most efficient way possible. Our process and mission are outlined on our website at along with some reviews from satisfied customers. Pittsburgh has a dynamic real estate market and we have years of experience purchasing homes in the area.

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Selling your house to an investor is a good alternative to waiting for your agent to produce a traditional buyer in the Pittsburgh real estate market.

If you don’t want to take ages before you can find a buyer for your house in Pittsburgh, feel free to give us a or fill out our form to get your home sold today!.

Sell Your House Fast

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Here are some ways we can take the hassle and cost out of selling a home.

Cash Purchases

Our company makes all of our purchases in cash. We have a unique process where we will come look at comparable sales on a property to determine how much it is worth. The cash offers are good for a period of time before expiring. Selling a home to someone that is paying in cash has several benefits. First of all, there are fewer closing costs that must be dealt with. On average, this can save a homeowner several thousand dollars. Financing is one of the biggest reasons that home purchases do not go through. When dealing with our company, you will not have to worry about the deal falling apart due to financing issues because we pay in cash.

Realtor Fees

One of biggest costs to selling a home is realtor fees. Realtor fees are generally three to six percent on the sales price of the home. There are many homes sold in the Pittsburgh, PA area that are several hundred thousand dollars. This means that realtor fees can easily be ten thousand dollars or more. Anyone that is having to pay this amount of money is going to lose a lot of equity in the deal. When selling directly to our company, you will be able to avoid any realtor fees. This will be able to save homeowners a large amount of money that they can then use on their next home. This is one of the biggest advantages to selling your home quickly, to our company.

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Repair Costs

There are many repair costs that homeowners generally have to pay for when getting their home ready for the market. However, our company is willing to purchase a home in any condition. There are many people that inherit homes in states that they are far away from. For example, if someone living in California inherited a home in Pittsburgh, their priority is going to be getting the home sold quickly. No one is going to want to deal with a contractor from several thousand miles away. This is a great opportunity for someone to use our services that will add value to their situation. Many repairs on a home are minor but add up quickly. Just having to repaint a home is a huge hassle that will take a lot of time and money. Anyone living out of state is not going to have the time or resources to invest in the home. Our company buys old homes that are in poor condition every single day. Just because a home may be in bad shape does not mean we will not purchase it.

Overall, selling a house is a huge decision in terms of both time and money. There are situations in life where many people want to unload a home to get rid of the hassle. In times like this, our company can make a cash offer based on the value of the home and current market conditions. Not only will this save the homeowner time, but it will also save tens of thousands in repairs and other costs that would have to be paid for if the home was sold in a traditional way.

Sell Your House Fast

Request an offer and find out how much you can get for your house in Pittsburgh!