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Home sellers in Detroit can either save money or save time. By working with a real estate investor, sellers save money and time by stop holding costs from accumulating, avoid paying commissions or county and state fees. Investors buy in days, not months. Time — it’s money. Contact our professional real estate investors in Detroit.

Detroit is one of the most interesting cities in the United States. Over the past couple of decades, there have been many companies move out of Detroit in search of lower taxes. This has led to many homes in Detroit being foreclosed on. In fact, Detroit has one of the highest rates of foreclosures in the country over the past couple of years. There are many people that live in the area that are interested in selling their home. However, the homes are not in great shape and have many issues. The cost of selling a home is quite high as well, as realtor fees and closing costs eat in to the return. Our company was built to help people sell their home quickly in times of need. Our website at is designed to show all of the services that we can offer homeowners during this process. Let us discuss freely about your property selling at or fill out this simple form to get started:


We have many years of experience in working with the Detroit, MI area. There are many real estate companies that do not work with the Detroit area because of all the distressed homes in the area. However, this is one of the best opportunities that our company has had in a long time. We thrive in helping homeowners with their current situation. There are many different times in life where it may make sense for a homeowner to attempt to sell their home as fast as possible. We offer to purchase homes with cash no matter what their condition is. Many people have also been inheriting homes in the Detroit area even though they live in another state. This is a great opportunity to use our services for a worry free transaction. Our experience can help get you out of a jam and make you as much money as possible in the process.Here are a couple of benefits to using our services to sell a home.

Areas that we serve in Michigan:

Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, Lansing

Reduced Fees

There are many experience fees and costs involved when selling a home. Realtors generally take several percentage points off the sales price of a home. This can make a huge difference in areas like Detroit where homes have not been appreciating. Anyone that lives in the area knows just how volatile the real estate market can be. By working with our company, you can have a transaction with low or no fees tacked on. This can save tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

No Repair Costs

Another great benefit of selling to our company is the fact that we buy homes in all conditions. It does not matter if your home is brand new or is 100 years old. We will buy homes at all ages and conditions. We do not want you to worry about making costly repairs on the home. Many homeowners have to spend thousands of dollars in order to get their home ready to sell. When working with us, you can be sure that your repair costs will be almost nothing. When you decide that you may want to sell your home directly to us, we will come by the property to examine it. With all of our experience in the field, we are able to make a fair offer in a short amount of time. All of our offers are made in cash, and this saves both time and money during the transaction.

There are many reasons that a homeowner may decide to sell their home directly to our company instead of through the traditional route. Not only is the process much easier, but many people will save money on closing costs and realtor fees. Many homes in Detroit are in bad shape. However, we are committed to buying homes in any condition. No matter how old your home is, we can make a fair offer that is in all cash. If you are interested in starting the process with us, please contact us on our website to get an all cash offer on your home. Selling a home does not have to be expensive or stressful. We are prepared to use our years of experience in the Detroit area to make a fair offer and close the deal quickly. We have thousands of satisfied customers in the Detroit area that have used our services in the past.

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