Do You Need to Sell Your House Fast in Atlanta?

Many young families are moving to the area due to the great economy and opportunities for growth. It’s growth has led to the city having a hot housing market. It is difficult to buy a home in the ATL market area because homes are selling so quickly. Homeowners that want to get rid of their home in this market need to do several things in order to get a fast sale…but if you don’t have the money or the time to fix up your property in order to get it sold, then keep reading to find out how we can help you.

We are a company that is dedicated to helping people dump their house and move on with their lives. We buy houses for cash, no matter what condition they are in. Here are some general tips that will help your sell your home quickly for the most profit and how we can help.

Atlanta couple and single child sitting in front porch in preparation of big move after selling their home.
Homeowners in Atlanta can contact a professional home buyer to get their house sold in just a few days.

Study the Market

The Atlanta real estate market here is one of the most unique in the country. The city offers homeowners many different opportunities. However, selling your home quickly in the city means that homeowners must do their homework. There are specific aspects that home buyers are going to be looking for when choosing a home in this area. Yeah, it’s traffic is one of the worst in the nation. Living in an area that always experiences high traffic is going to be a big red flag to home buyers.

From a listing perspective, it is important that the home is in great shape when it is listed. Our company knows this market extensively because we’ve been buying houses in the area for many years. Studying the market ahead of the listing will also allow homeowners to get a sense of what they can list the home for. Many people are surprised to learn that they can get more or less out of their home based on comparable sales. In order to truly sell your home fast, it is vital that it is priced appropriately. In this city within Georgia, there are many homes that are having trouble selling because they are not in top condition. However, we are willing to buy homes that are in need of repair or have other issues.

Areas that we serve in Georgia:

Alpharetta, Athens, Augusta, Savannah, Johns Creek, Columbus

Choose a Price

The price decision is one of the most important pieces of listing a home. In order to sell a property, it is vital that the home is listed within the comparable sales range. One mistake that many homeowners make when selling is to try and list/market it for more than is reasonable. It costs money for the home to sit for days on end, while getting stale on the MLS, so it is better in the long run for the homeowner to simply list the home at an appropriate price. Here are several variables that can affect the list price of a home.

Comparable Sales
– Recent Construction
– Roof and HVAC Age
– Location

All of these factors come in to play when deciding where to list a home at. For example, if a home has a roof that is falling apart the home should be discounted when placed on the market. People that are looking to purchase a home will have to factor in the replacement value of the roof when making an offer. However, our company will purchase your home even with repair issues. Give us a call: today or fill out this form to get an estimate on your home.

Working With Our Company

Our mission is to help Atlanta homeowners get their homes sold much faster than they could through a real estate agent, and for much more money. We buy Atlanta houses in cash, because it helps us acquire the property more quickly, and it doesn’t matter what the condition or location of the home is. There are many times in life where it makes sense to sell.  A person may be experiencing poor health or the death of a loved one. Homes are emotional investors, and our company helps to take the emotion out of the equation. We have helped lots of people sell their home also in Alpharetta, Athens exceptionally fast and without hassle. We know the market and can make an offer that meets your needs. Visit our website at in order to get the process started.