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Do you have a house that is in serious need of repair? Are you looking for a professional home buyer that can help get you out from under your high mortgage payments? has helped many home owners nationwide that face just a few of the following problems with their properties:

Problem Tenants

Do you have unruly, or “Non-Paying” Tenants

Distressed Houses

We like houses that are distressed/ugly and needs a lot of repairs or maintenance

Houses in Foreclosure

We’ve helped people battling foreclosure or had a notice/lis pendens filed

Divorce Order To Sell

Homeowners going through a difficult divorce or seperation

Inherited Houses

We’ve assisted many homeowners selling an inherited home

Estate Executors & Executrix

Selling a property in the probate process
You may have come across our site during your online search in your quest find the best remedy for the financially stressful situation you’ve found yourself in; If that’s you…then contact us below

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If you’re like many home owners and have found yourself in a financial predicament and are frustrated with realtors and want to know how to sell your house without a real estate agent, because they have been more of a hindrance that a help in their quest to sell .  A few of the problems that you may hear from a broker that reviews your situation is:

  • You have ZERO Equity and you are currently upside down on your mortgage, otherwise called “negative equity”
  • The house needs far too much work for it to sell to a retail buyer to maximize the most amount of money that you could potentially get for the house.
  • You need to make repairs and upgrades to the house to find a buyer quickly at your desired price.
  • There are too many homes on the market in your area, and demand is low…so you’ll need to start your listing price lower than you thought.

We not only have the real estate know how and expertise in the field, but also the legal and professional team available to be able to hand almost any time of residential real estate transaction, no matter how difficult or complex the sale might seem.

We Buy Houses Fast, Cause Time Is Of The Essence

We’ve been in the home buying business for several years, so we know the stress and financial constraints that homeowners go through when going through a financial hardship or just need to sell their house fast, no matter the reason.  Because of the overwhelming desire that you may have to sell your home, we make the closing process quick & easy.  If you were to sell your house to a true cash buyer, know that companies can close a deal in mere days, IF the buyer is paying cash.  Why?  Because they don’t have document requirements to satisfy by a lender.  Some of these constraints that we never make a homeowner have to deal with when we buy houses across the U.S. are:

  • No Appraisals


  • No Inspections


  • No HOA Docs


  • No Condo Docs


  • No Surveys


  • No Loan Approvals


  • No Loan Docs


  • No Option Periods


Selling Your House Can Be A Difficult Decision

Trust us, we know that it’s not easy to make the decision to put your house up for sale. Sometimes emotional attachment to a house can cause a home owner to hang on to their house for far too long.

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It may be that you’re Realtor told you that he or she could get you what you initially had paid for the house a few years ago, but buyers looking at the house today, are making you offers much lower than your list price. Now, the house has been getting “stale” on the MLS for months on end. You may be beginning to wonder what other options are available, (that will actually sell your house) that you haven’t tried. But don’t be worried, we are here to help you navigate through the distressed real estate problem that you are in. We have solutions that are “win-win” situations for both parties involved, or we simply don’t do the deal.


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Finding Someone To Sell Your House Fast To, Is Not Easy

We know that homeowners are just that…they are homeowners, not investors.  We completely understand that they’re not a Realtor that has the tools needed to properly market a property and show it in it’s best light.  We also know that because they’re not in the real estate industry full-time, they may not truly understand what steps need to be take to sell their house within a short time-frame.  Furthermore, finding a legit cash buyer on your own, without having networked with investors for years in your market, can make it extremely difficult.

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